Types of hardwood flooring and which one is better?

Once you have chosen hardwood flooring, you will need to know its types. All have their color, cost, grain pattern, and maintenance. Another thing to consider is the hardness of the wood, which determines its durability. The hardness rating for any wood should be at least 1000. The most popular hardwoods types are as follows.

  1. Hickory

These woods are harder than oak, ash, and maple and measure 1820 on a hardness scale. It is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand any damage, and moisture more than any other wood. It can easily be stained to any shade and waxed to enhance its appearance.

  1. Oak
Oak Hardwood Flooring

Common white oak measures 1360 on the hardness scale. It is known to age well which gives it a polished look. Its colors range from bleached white to dark red. Lastly, it is prone to minor damage which can be easily repaired.

  1. Ash

This has a similar hardness as white oak, measuring 1320 on the hardness scale. This type of hardwood can tolerate different weathers and humidity fluctuations, ages well and is very comfortable to walk on.

  1. Maple

Maple woods measures 1450 on a hardness scale, which is higher than oak and ash. Many modern homes prefer this because of its light texture and open grain pattern. This is easily available and is resistant to minor damage.

  1. Cherry
Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian cherry an extremely hard wood measuring 2350 on a hardness scale. It is shock-absorbing and very comfortable to walk on. It has distinctive warm red hues. This wood is preferable in traditional homes because of its uniform and straight pattern.

  1. Ebony

This is one of the hardest woods and measures 3700 on the hardness scale. It has dark brown to black shades that darken with age. This hardwood is very durable and cannot be damaged easily, especially by moisture.

  1. Bamboo

This wood measures 3000 on a hardness scale. This wood is beneficial to many house owners because of its eco-friendly, sustainable, and readily available nature. It is also very suitable for underfloor heating.

Which is better?

Each of these woods has its benefits for example considering each of their natures. Ebony, cherry, oak, and bamboo are known for being the most durable, if you are looking for long-lasting hardwood flooring then these are your best choices to pick from. Maple and hickory fall in the cost-friendly category, especially for homeowners looking for a cheaper alternative.

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