What we need to know before installing hardwood flooring?

When starting the installation method it is crucial to assemble all the tools and materials needed. The tool you will need for this process are pneumatic flooring nailer, drill and drill bits, hammer, nails, pry bar and saw.

Step one

The first step of the installation process is to determine how it will be installed. This is an important step because every wood requires a different procedure, depending or width, thickness and where it is being installed.

Step two

The second process is allowing the floor to adapt to the climate of the room. This step is an essential part of the installation process because it allows moisture content from the woods to adjust to the room temperature. However, engineered flooring does not require this step.

Step three

In this step of the process you need to ensure that doors can open and close. Majority of hardwood flooring can be installed over existing ceramic tile, marble or terrazzo. If you decide to install over existing wood floors, keep in mind not to sand any surfaces that contain asbestos or paint.

Step four

This step is the installing part, so we must begin by rolling the underlayment. Start with the left side with the small tongue facing you. If you use a pneumatic nail gun, drill pilot holes and face-nail the first few holes until there is space for the nail gun.

Step five

This is the last and most important part of the installation process because it can make or break the success of a professional-looking job. So do not skip this part, as it requires you to cut the boards lengthwise for the last row. Then trace for contours to be cut and fitted according to the installation guide that comes with it. Once this is done, make sure to remove the spacers, and then attach the trim and moldings.

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